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Takeuchi TL10 TL240 TL250 Sprockets 08811-60110

Takeuchi TL250 Sprockets 881160110
Takeuchi TL10 TL240 TL250 Sprockets 08811-60110
Buy replacement drive sprockets for your Takeuchi TL 140, Takeuchi TL 150, TL10, TL 12, TL 240, TL 250 (double check your serial number, this is designed to replace Takeuchi Part: 08811-60110) Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This sprocket ships for free when you check out online.
SKU: 881160110
Weight: 46 lbs
Make: Takeuchi
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Price: $325.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Takeuchi TL 250 Steel Drive Sprocket Gear

This is the premium aftermarket replacement drive sprocket for the following models:

  • Takeuchi TL 10
  • Takeuchi TL 12
  • Takeuchi TL 12v2 (Serial Numbers: 412000006-412000578)
  • Takeuchi TL 140 (serial numbers greater than 21402001)
  • Takeuchi TL 150
  • Takeuchi TL 240
  • Takeuchi TL 250
  • Mustang MTL 20
  • Mustang 320
  • Mustang MTL 25
  • Mustang 325

This sprocket is also interchangeable with the Gehl and Mustang track loaders. Please submit your serial number at the time you place your order so we can verify fitment prior to shipping. Rubber tracks and sprockets are designed to wear together so we recommended changing them at the same time to maximize the lifespan.

08811-60110 Sprocket specifications:

  • 14 Teeth
  • 9 Bolt Holes
  • Inside Diameter: 9 1/2 Inches
  • Outside Diameter: 18 1/2 Inches
  • Width at Base of Tooth: 1 7/8 Inches

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Takeuchi Dealer Part Number: 08811-60110
  • Gehl Dealer Part Number: 181147

Optional Sprocket Verification

The 08821-60010 part is an option for your TL140 older series with serial numbers below 21402001.

Takeuchi Sprockets for Sale

Our Takeuchi skid steer track loader sprockets start out with high-quality steel. Since the focus of the hardening is localized to the drive teeth we use a type of spin induction heat treatment followed by an immediate quenching process that rapidly hardens the tooth several millimeters deeper than our competitor's sprockets. Our sprockets are hardened within millimeters of the OEM sprocket providing you with the best value for your replacement parts. Changing sprockets with rubber tracks will maximize the lifespan of the tracks. It is not cheap to replace tracks so you want to maximize the track lifespan by installing new sprockets at the same time on your Takeuchi track loader.

The Takeuchi TL150 drive sprocket is located at the top of the undercarriage to the rear of the machine. The sprocket bolts to the drive motor with nine bolts (hardware not included).

Takeuchi TL 250 Undercarriage Parts Listing

Sprocket 08811-60110

Bottom Roller 08811-30500
  Idler 08811-40300
  Front Roller 08811-31300
  Rubber Track Size 450x100x50

Takeuchi TL 140 TL 150 Sprocket Options

There are two sprocket options on the Takeuchi track loaders. The difference is in the size of the mounting hole that goes over the drive motor. If you are in doubt just check the diameter of the mounting hole on your drive sprocket