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Kubota KX 36-2 41-2 Bottom Track Roller

RB101-21700 Kubota Rollers
Kubota KX 36-2 41-2 Bottom Track Roller
Buy aftermarket replacement bottom rollers for the Kubota KX 36-2 and 41-2 series mini excavator online at Rubbertrax and save money versus your local dealer.
SKU: KX362412
Weight: 12 lbs
Make: Kubota
List Price: $190.00
Price: $114.00

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This is the aftermarket bottom track roller for the following Kubota mini excavators:

  • Kubota KX 36-2
  • Kubota KX 41-2

These rollers do not come with replacement bolts so keep your original bolts for easy installation. The roller comes completely assembled for easy installation.


Alternate Part Number:
Kubota dealer part number: RRB101-21700

Alternate Models:
Kubota: KX 36-2, KX 41-2

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This track roller is guaranteed to fit.