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Kubota KX 36 KX 41

Kubota KX36 and KX41 series rubber tracks and our premium undercarriage parts will increase the lifespan and performance from your undercarriage. We now supply the complete line of KX36 and KX41 series undercarriage parts including the drive sprocket (68198-14430), the idler (69728-21300), and the bottom track rollers down the center of the undercarriage (69728-21700). We are also stocking the short and long pitch options for the rubber tracks (RT100201). If you have any questions about which parts and tracks fit your specific model please reach out and let us help. Our experienced customer service team sets us apart from any competitor in the industry.

Pay attention to -2 and -3 sub series listings as parts can be specific to each sub series and may not fit all sub models for each mini excavator. Check your parts manual or read each description closely and let us know what we can do to help.