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Bobcat T870 SUSPENSION MOUNT Bottom Roller

7323310 Bobcat T870 Roller Suspension
Bobcat T870 SUSPENSION MOUNT Bottom Roller
This is the aftermarket suspension mount bottom roller known as 7323310 for the Bobcat T-870 suspension mount track loader. We stock the entire undercarriage for the Bobcat® T-870 track loader. This is the bottom roller for T870 serial numbers after the B47 serial number break. Check your original parts manual to verify your part number or read the detailed descriptions for the roller options to determine which roller you need for your specific model and serial number.
SKU: 7323310
Weight: 58 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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Price: $285.00

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This is the aftermarket bottom roller for the Bobcat T-870 track loader equipped with the torsion system. There are typically four of these bottom rollers per side on the T870. These rollers are designed for the suspension (torsion) mounted systems. If you have the solid mount system you need to call to verify prior to ordering online.

The track rollers carry the weight of the machine while it is traveling and digging, as well as support and guide the machine on the track.

This is a much heavier duty track roller than the previous Bobcat series track loader rollers. These are not interchangeable with smaller models or previous generation Bobcat track loader rollers. These rollers are designed for serial numbers B47C11001 and above. Prior to the B47C serial break the T870 used part number 6698047.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat Dealer Part Number: 7323310

Alternate Models

This bottom roller (7323310) is known to fit:

  • Bobcat T870 Torsion (S/N B47C110001 and Up)
  • Bobcat T870 Torsion (S/N B47L11001 and Up)
  • Bobcat T870 Torsion (S/N B47H11001 and Up)

Optional Roller Availability

Prior to the B47 serial break the 6698047 roller is the original part number you need.

Reliable Roller Quality

These triple flange bottom rollers are made to original specifications and produced with high quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long lasting service for your machine