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Yanmar VIO 40 Offset Rubber Track

Yanmar Off-Set Tracks
Yanmar VIO 40 Offset Rubber Track
Buy aftermarket rubber tracks online for Yanmar VIO40 and VIO45 series mini excavators. Save money on dealer labor costs by buying online and DIY. If you have a VIO 45-6 series it is a different track listed under part number RT357376. The track size crosses over to other Manitou-manufactured equivalent models by Gehl and Mustang.
SKU: RT3575574
Weight: 620 lbs
Make: Yanmar
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Price: $1,625.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Yanmar Offset 350x755.5x74 Track

This is the premium aftermarket rubber track for the Yanmar VIO 40 series and VIO 45 series mini excavators. This track is thirteen and three-quarters inches (350 mm) wide with seventy-four metal links that are offset.

The sprocket is designed to run off to one side of the rubber track. This offset guide link design is exclusive to the premier design of the Yanmar mini excavator.

This track is designed to replace the original track on these Yanmar models:

  • Yanmar B 50V
  • Yanmar B 50-2B
  • Yanmar VIO40-1
  • Yanmar VIO40-2
  • Yanmar VIO40-3
  • Yanmar VIO45-3
  • Yanmar VIO45-5
  • Yanmar VIO50-1
  • Yanmar VIO50-2A
  • Yanmar VIO50-2
  • Yanmar VIO50-3
  • Yanmar VIO55-3
  • Yanmar VIO55-5
  • Yanmar VIO55CR
  • Yanmar VIO 57U

In addition to the Yanmar models, this track is also commonly found on the Gehl Z45 (Original Part Number 50282858) and Mustang 450Z models with equivalent undercarriage systems from the Yanmar VIO 45.

Please verify your current track size before placing your order as there is also a wider 400 mm option available as well under part number RT4075574.

Call us with any questions or if you need help determining which track you need for your specific model.

If you have a Yanmar VIO 45-6 series model, you will require a different track and it is listed under part number RT357376.