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Yanmar SV08-1B Gehl M08 Sprocket

172446-29101-1 Yanmar Sprocket
Yanmar SV08-1B Gehl M08 Sprocket
Buy replacement 172446-29101-1 aftermarket Yanmar sprockets online at Rubbertrax to save money and have the sprockets delivered to your door. These nine bolt sprockets also fit the Gehl M08 excavator. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. Free shipping when you checkout online.
SKU: 172446-29101-1
Weight: 10 lbs
Make: Yanmar
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172446-29101-1 Yanmar Gehl Sprocket

This is the aftermarket drive sprocket for the Yanmar SV08-1B mini excavator. Sprockets are sold individually unless otherwise stated in a combo or complete undercarriage replacement package. The 172446-29101-1 is interchangeable between Gehl and Yanmar. This sprocket is guaranteed to fit with nine bolt holes and twelve drive teeth. This sprocket is exclusively designed for the advanced Manitou undercarriages for Gehl and Yanmar models and does not cross over to any other brand.

Since production efforts were merged with Manitou the Yanmar also has a close sister model at Gehl and Mustang. The Gehl M08 excavator requires the same sprocket.

172446-29101-1 Guaranteed Fit

This sprocket is guaranteed to fit on the following Yanmar and Gehl mini excavators:

  • Gehl M08
  • Yanmar SV08
  • Yanmar SV08-1B

We also stock rubber track options for these Gehl M08 and Yanmar SV08-1B models in a standard duty and heavy-duty tread pattern for extreme conditions.