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Yanmar 260 x 55.5 x 79 Offset Track

Yanmar 260 x 55.5 x 79 Offset Track
The 260 x 55.5 x 79 rubber track is an offset guiding system that is exclusive to Yanmar and Manitou manufacturing. The models listed below were originally equipped with optional track sizes so you must verify the width and the exact number of links. There is a 78-link offset rubber track option for these models as well so verify prior to ordering online.
SKU: RT2655579
Make: Yanmar
Which Rubber Track Size: 260 x 55.5 x 79
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Price: $1,400.00

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This is an off-set rubber track with a 260mm width option for the Manitou group of mini excavators including the Mustang 250-Z, and Yanmar VIO 25-6A. This track uses the traditional Yanmar offset design where the track guiding system is off-centered. This is just slightly longer than previous generation tracks to generate less ground pressure and more counterbalancing for operator safety. There is a wider 300mm version of this track so please verify prior to ordering.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Yanmar Dealer Part Number: 172B16-38600

Optional Track Lengths

Offset tracks designed for Yanmar mini excavators only come in a few specific track sizes. For the VIO25-6A and equivalent sister models at Gehl and Mustang, there were two track length options. Please verify that your existing track has 79 drive links so we can verify if this track will fit your specific model.

Alternate Models

This rubber track (172B16-38600) is known to fit:

  • Gehl Z25
  • Mustang 250Z
  • Yanmar VIO 25-6A