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Warner WMI 4222 and 4822 Rubber track

Warner WMI 4222 Tracks
Warner WMI 4222 and 4822 Rubber track
Buy aftermarket rubber track for Warner WMI 4222 and 4822. This track also fits several Canycom BFG series dumpers as well in addition to the WMI. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track ships free when you check out online.
SKU: RTC00528
Weight: 135 lbs
Which Rubber Track Size: 250 x 72 x 48
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Price: $555.00

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This is the replacement rubber track for many Warner rubber track machines. This track is designed to fit Warner WMI 4822 models. The track is almost ten inches (250 mm) wide with forty eight metal links down the center of the track.

This track option is also designed to fit AUSA 80 CMA and IMEF HE 185 machines. This is a highly interchangeable track for many custom rubber track vehicles so if you have a ten inch wide track with forty-eight forged metal guide links then this is very likely the track you are searching for. Give us a call to confirm your dimensions if you cannot determine the size on your current machine. This rubber track also fits the following Canycom models:

  • Canycom BFG 1301
  • Canycom BFG 1302
  • Canycom BFG 1303
  • Canycom CC 1500
  • WMI 4822
  • WMI 4826D

This is typically the only tread pattern we offer for this size, but we do offer a nine inch wide option under part number 230x72x48.

This track is also known to fit a variety of Wacker Neuson 1700 and 1900 series mini excavators. Check your width and if you have a ten inch wide rubber track with forty-eight steel drive links then this track will fit your:

  • Wacker Neuson 1700 /RB/RD
  • Wacker Neuson 1900 /RD
  • Wacker Neuson 1902 /RD
  • Wacker Neuson 2200 /RD
  • Wacker Neuson 2202 /RD
  • Wacker Neuson RK15 Crawler Carrier
  • Warner 4222
  • Warner 4822