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Vermeer S725TX Rubber Track

Vermeer s725 Rubber Tracks 180 x72x45
Vermeer S725TX Rubber Track
This is the heavy-duty aftermarket rubber track for the Vermeer S725TX trencher with the enhanced inside guide system that your Vermeer needs. The track is seven inches wide, which is the narrowest option for these models. Vermeer rubber tracks qualify for free shipping when you order online today.
SKU: RTC00216
Weight: 108 lbs
Make: Vermeer
Which Rubber Track Size: 180 x 72K x 45
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Price: $410.00

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7-Inch Vermeer S725 Rubber Tracks

This is the heavy-duty rubber track for the Vermeer S 725TX mini trencher. The track is seven inches wide (180 mm) which is likely the original track size installed on the machine when you bought your s725-TX new from the dealer. It is possible that you have a 9-inch wide track so please verify your track size before ordering. The tread pictured is a more aggressive tread option so please specify if you would like another option.

Alternate Track Options

Alternate Models

This rubber track is known to fit:

  • Vermeer CTX100
  • Vermeer CTX160
  • Vermeer CX218
  • Vermeer CX219
  • Vermeer S725TX
  • Vermeer S800TX
  • Vermeer S925TX

This new design adds significant reinforcement to the guide system. The cheap rubber tracks you find at most dealers cannot stand up to the rigorous abuse that a typical Vermeer mini skid goes through on a demanding day at work at an average tree company or demolition site. This track has a reinforced guiding system for significantly increased strength and durability to hold up to the conditions.

This same variety of track width options fits the Ditch Witch XT-850 and XT-855 mini excavator.

We also have an alternate tread option that is a more turf friendly, staggered block tread pattern pictured below:

Vermeer S725-TX and S800-TX Undercarriage Parts