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Rubber Track for Komatsu PC27 MR-2 22L-33-27110

Komatsu PC 27MR-2 Tracks 20P-35-71116
Rubber Track for Komatsu PC27 MR-2 22L-33-27110
Aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for some Komatsu mini excavators are available online at Rubbertrax. This track is designed to replace the original Komatsu part number 22L-33-27110 from your dealer. This is the heavy-duty guide option for your mini excavator which replaces the original part number 20P-35-71116 from Komatsu.
SKU: RT100405K
Weight: 313 lbs
Make: Komatsu
Price: $975.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Komatsu-Specific 300x52.5x80 Tracks

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track specifically engineered for Komatsu PC 27MR-2 and other Komatsu machines. This track has eighty metal links down the center of the track where the sprocket rotates. The rubber track is almost twelve inches (300 mm) wide. There may be optional tread patterns for this track size so please ask if you have specific tread pattern requirements. This track is engineered to fit:

  • Komatsu PC 27MR
  • Komatsu PC 25R-8
  • Komatsu PC 27MR-2
  • Komatsu PC 28
  • Komatsu PC 28-1
  • Komatsu PC 28-2
  • Komatsu PC 28R
  • Komatsu PC 28UU

Please verify the number of metal embedded links prior to ordering as many of these machines have alternate track sizes available. We cannot guarantee fit unless the width and number of links are verified prior to ordering. This track is also guaranteed to fit the Daewoo Solar 35, Daewoo AH 30, Hitachi Zaxis 27U-2, and most of the Kobelco 27 series. Please call with any questions. If you do not know exactly what track fits your machine just give us a call and we will easily direct you to the track you need.