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Rubber Pads Cat 305C 305E Series

Rubber Pads Cat 305c 305e
Rubber Pads Cat 305C 305E Series
Several Caterpillar 305.5D/E/E2/E2CR excavators originally came with steel tracks. We have replacement clip-on style rubber pads for your steel tracks. This 400mm wide pad fits a variety of the manufacturer's mini excavator models. Give us a call if you need to verify any measurements, but this is a guaranteed fit for the Caterpillar® 305 series excavators following the listings below. This is the clip-on style that bolts from the side of the steel grouser.
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Weight: 8 lbs
Make: Cat
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Clip-On Rubber Pads for Caterpillar® 304 305 Series Steel Tracks

Heavy-duty replacement rubber pads for steel track groups from Caterpillar. These are sixteen-inch wide (400 mm) rubber pads that are attached with two bolts from the side of the track for easy installation access. Replacement pads are priced individually. These pads are designed to fit steel tracks group for the following models:

  • Caterpillar® 304CCR
  • Caterpillar® 305C
  • Caterpillar® 305CCR
  • Caterpillar® 305DCR
  • Caterpillar® 305E
  • Caterpillar® 305E2
  • Caterpillar® 305E2CR
  • Caterpillar® 305.5
  • Caterpillar® 305.5D
  • Caterpillar® 305.5E
  • Caterpillar® 305.5E2
  • Caterpillar® 305.5E2CR
  • Caterpillar® 306
  • Caterpillar® 306CR

The image shows you how the two bolts install easily from the side of the steel grouser. The clip slides on the grouser from the outside and you secure both bolts for a perfect fit and reliable installation when your excavator is called into action on a street or finished surface.

Cat 305.5 Excavator Rubber Pads