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Roadliner Pads Komatsu PC78 Steel Tracks (SD)

Komatsu PC78 Roadliner Rubber Pad
Roadliner Pads Komatsu PC78 Steel Tracks (SD)
Replacement roadliner style bolt-on rubber pads for steel chains on the Komatsu PC75 and PC78 series excavators. This 450mm (18-inches) wide pad fits a variety of the manufacturer's mini excavator models. A simple installation with installation hardware included to bolt the rubber pad directly to the steel chain. This is the standard-duty rubber pad.
Weight: 21 lbs
Price: $77.00

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Roadliner Rubber Pads for Komatsu PC75 PC78 Excavator Steel Chains

Komatsu PC75 PC78 and PC80 series mini excavators typically come from dealers with a roadliner-type rubber pad that bolts directly to the track chain. We offer heavy-duty and standard-duty roadliner pads for these models. These are the standard-duty replacement roadliner pads that bolt directly to your original steel chain. Replacement pads are priced individually so you can only replace one or two if you have damaged pads on your track group. These pads are designed to fit steel chains for the following models:

  • Komatsu PC60 (18 Inch)
  • Komatsu PC60-6 (18 Inch)
  • Komatsu PC60-7 (18 Inch)
  • Komatsu PC70 (18 Inch)
  • Komatsu PC75 (18 Inch)
  • Komatsu PC75UU
  • Komatsu PC75UU-2
  • Komatsu PC78
  • Komatsu PC78-6
  • Komatsu PC78MR
  • Komatsu PC78MR-6 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC78US
  • Komatsu PC78US-5 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC78US-6 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC78US-8 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC78US-10 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC78UU-3
  • Komatsu PC78UU-6
  • Komatsu PC78UU-8
  • Komatsu PC80
  • Komatsu PC80MR-2
  • Komatsu PC80MR-3 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC80MR-5 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC88
  • Komatsu PC88MR
  • Komatsu PC88MR-8 (450mm)
  • Komatsu PC88MR-10 (450mm)
  • Komatsu CD60R (450mm)

These 450mm wide 18-inch roadliner pads are designed to bolt directly to the drive chain for the listed models. The pads include the mounting hardware to install to your existing chain. We sell chain groups separately. The roadliner type pads eliminate the need for the steel grouser so they are intended for long-term or permanent installation for excavators that are typically crossing asphalt, pavement, or concrete surfaces so that a steel track cannot damage the surface.