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Roadliner Pads John Deere Hitachi

Roadliner Rubber Pad John Deere 75G
Roadliner Pads John Deere Hitachi
Replacement roadliner-style bolt-on rubber pads for steel chains on the John Deere and Hitachi 75 and 80 series excavators. This 450mm (18 inch) wide pad fits a variety of the manufacturer's mini excavator models. A simple installation with installation hardware included bolting the rubber pad directly to the steel chain.
Weight: 32 lbs
Price: $75.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Roadliner Rubber Pads for John Deere Hitachi Excavator Steel Chains

We supply heavy-duty replacement roadliner pads that bolt directly to steel track chains. Replacement pads are priced individually so you can only replace one or two if you have damaged pads on your track group. These pads are designed to fit steel track chains for the following models:

Hitachi Steel Chain Models

This Roadliner rubber pad is known to fit:

  • Hitachi EX75UR-5
  • Hitachi EX75URLC-3
  • Hitachi EX75US-5 (450mm)
  • Hitachi EX80U (450mm)
  • Hitachi ZX75US (450mm)
  • Hitachi ZX80SB (450mm)
  • Hitachi ZX85USB-3 (450mm)
  • Hitachi ZX85USB-5 (450mm)

John Deere Steel Chain Models

  • John Deere 75C (450mm)
  • John Deere 75D (450mm)
  • John Deere 75G (450mm)
  • John Deere 80 (450mm)
  • John Deere 80C (450mm)
  • John Deere 80D
  • John Deere 85C (450mm)
  • John Deere 85D (450mm)
  • John Deere 85G (450mm)
  • John Deere 110

Roadliner Pad Specification

This 450mm Roadliner rubber pad is known to fit:

  • Pad Width: 450mm
  • Bolt Size: M14
  • Bolt Grade: 12.9
  • Torque: 185(ft-lbs)

Roadliner Rubber Pad Advantages

The Roadliner-style rubber pad is completely covered in rubber, which protects curbs and any contact from the side of the track. There are four bolts down the center of the pad that bolt directly to the steel chain, which provides more central stability. Roadliner pads now have an interlocking design.

Optional John Deere Pads

We also offer the 600mm width rubber pad options in all of these styles. If you are using the wider track that is roughly twenty-four inches wide, please give us a call for those 600mm rubber pad options.

Bolt to Chain (Roadliner) Pads are standard with many Komatsu excavators. This option requires no steel grouser shoe and therefore bolts directly to the chain in place of the steel pad with four bolts in the center of the pad. When you order online, we include the M16 bolts and washers required for installation.