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Reachmaster Bluelift B72 B85 Rubber Track

Rachmaster Bluelilft B85 Tracks
Reachmaster Bluelift B72 B85 Rubber Track
Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Reachmaster Bluelift compact aerial lifts. We can also get this track for you in a non marking tread compound. This track qualifies for free shipping when you check out online.
SKU: RT100210
Weight: 159 lbs
Make: Bluelift
Which Rubber Track Size: 230 x 48 x 78
Price: $540.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for several Bluelift cranes by Reachmaster. This track is nine inches (230 mm) wide with thirty-nine drive links.

This track is also designed to fit the following models:

  • Reachmaster Bluelift B72
  • Reachmaster Bluelift B85
  • Hinowa VT2000
  • Hinowa Trax 40

This track comes in short pitch and long pitch options so you might have thirty nine metal embedded links down the center of the track or seventy eight forged steel links down the center where the sprocket rotates just depending on which pitch type you have. Our trained sales specialist will be glad to help you with any questions about the size you need for your machine.

We often stock this track in alternate tread patterns. If tread pattern is a priority for you please check in advance and we can verify alternate tread pattern options for you.