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Premium Track for Cat 307 Cat E70B

Cat 307C Cat E70B 114-8528 134-7697
Premium Track for Cat 307 Cat E70B
Buy aftermarket rubber tracks online for Cat 307 and Cat E70 B online at Rubbertrax and save money on your maintenance costs. Verify your exact size prior to ordering online. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This 114-8528 track ships for FREE when you checkout online.
SKU: RT457182-134-7697
Weight: 810 lbs
Make: Cat
Price: $2,375.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

18-Inch 450x71x82 Rubber Tracks

This is the aftermarket rubber track for Cat E70, Cat E70B, and Cat 307C mini excavators. This track is eighteen inches (450 mm) wide and has eighty-two forged steel metal embedded links down the center of the track where the sprocket rotates. Please verify if your machine has eighty or eighty-two steel embedded links down the center of the track prior to ordering. The track is also known to replace Cat 134-7697 for the Cat 307 series model and replaces part number 114-8528.

This track size is also very common for many IHI machines as well. This track size is also known to fit the following IHI equipment:

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Caterpillar Dealer Part Number: 134-7697

Alternate Models

This rubber track (134-7697) is known to fit:

  • Caterpillar E70(B)
  • Caterpillar 307C
  • IHI IS80NX
  • IHI IS80
  • IHI IS75UJ
  • IHI IS70Z
  • IHI IS65UJ

Optional Rubber Track Size

Some Cat® E70 series machines came standard with the 450x71x80 version of this rubber track which is slightly shorter. Please verify the number of metal links on your track prior to ordering.