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Morooka MST2200 Rubber Tracks IHI Hitachi

Morooka MST2200 Rubber Tracks
Morooka MST2200 Rubber Tracks IHI Hitachi
Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for the Bergmann, IHI, and Morooka crawler carrier series online at Rubbertrax. Price includes shipping to a commercial address. Please verify you have the proper equipment to unload this track as it is over three thousand pounds delivered on a seven-foot long pallet.
SKU: RTC751566
Weight: 3200 lbs
Make: Morooka
Which Rubber Track Size: 750 x 150 x 66
Price: $7,850.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Morooka MST-2200 Series Rubber Tracks

For the Morooka MST-2200 series we now stock the rubber tracks and the entire undercarriage including the sprockets, rollers, and idlers. This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for the Morooka MST-2200 and IHI crawler carrier series. The IHI IC120 and IHI 100 come originally equipped with this track size. This track is twenty-nine and a half inches (750 mm) wide and is designed to replace the original track part number 0653941UA. There are sixty-six drive links embedded into the track. This track is very heavy and requires a forklift for unloading from the freight truck. Call to verify the size and receive information prior to ordering. Tracks are sold individually unless otherwise specified.

This track is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Morooka MST-2200
  • Morooka MST-2200V
  • Morooka MST-2200VD
  • MorookaM ST-2200VDR
  • Morooka MST-2300
  • Bergmann 4010
  • Hitachi CG-100 (narrow)
  • Hitachi CG-110 (narrow)
  • IHI IC 100
  • IHI IC 120
  • Power Bully RT-12

This track is also known to fit the Morooka MST 2200 series track carriers and crawler carriers. It fits the Morooka MST 2200 ECO, ECT, V, and VD series crawlers.
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