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Kubota KX 161-3 U-45-3 Lower Roller

Kubota KX 161-3 Bottom Roller RD411-21700
Kubota KX 161-3 U-45-3 Lower Roller
This is the replacement lower bottom roller for the Kubota KX 161-3, U55-4, KX057-4, Kubota U-45-3, and U40-3 mini excavators. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This bottom roller ships for free when you check out online.
SKU: RD411-21700
Weight: 26 lbs
Make: Kubota
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List Price: $246.00
Price: $205.00

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RD411-21700 Bottom Rollers

This is the aftermarket replacement bottom roller for Kubota KX 161-3, Kubota U-45-3, and Kubota U 40-3 mini excavators. This bottom roller is also designed to fit the newer Kubota KX 057-4 and U55-4 mini excavator as well. This bottom roller utilizes an all-new sealed ball-bearing design. The bottom roller comes with a stainless steel shaft for years of durable service and reliability. It is highly suggested to replace all the rollers on one side as opposed to just replacing one roller at a time. A new roller installed next to worn rollers will put uneven weight distribution on the new roller limiting the lifespan of the new roller. These rollers come as a complete assembly and you can reuse your factory bolts for easy installation.

This is not guaranteed for the Super Series models. You must verify measurements if you have an SS.

We now stock the steel track version of these rollers so please indicate if you are running steel tracks on your mini excavator.

Our Kubota undercarriage parts are backed with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects. We have supplied these bottom rollers to the aftermarket industry for many years, including Kubota dealerships around the country, so order online with confidence. Our products are backed by the best service in the industry.

This roller is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Kubota KX 161-3
  • Kubota KX 161-3SS (RD411-21702)
  • Kubota KX 057-4 (RD411-21703)
  • Kubota U40-3
  • Kubota U45 (RD461-21900)
  • Kubota U45-3
  • Kubota U48-3
  • Kubota U55 (RD579-21700)
  • Kubota U55-4

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Kubota Dealer Part Number: RD411-21702, RD411-21703, RD441-21702, RD579-21700, RD461-21900

Alternate Models

This bottom roller assembly (RD411-21700) is known to fit:

  • Kubota KX 161-3
  • Kubota KX 057-4
  • Kubota U45
  • Kubota U55

Quality Kubota Parts

These dual flange outside guide type bottom rollers are made to original specifications and produced with high quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long lasting service for your machine. These rollers are direct-fit replacement rollers designed for use on the original Kubota rubber track guide system. Guaranteed fit.

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