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John Deere Track Loader Tension Idler AT322755

AT322755 John Deere Track Loader Idler
John Deere Track Loader Tension Idler AT322755
Buy replacement interchangeable front and rear idler rollers for the John Deere track loaders online at Rubbertrax. The new design of this idler has upgrades to the seals and the core components to add longevity to the John Deere undercarriage. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track qualifies for free shipping when you check out online.
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AT322755 Dual FLange Idler Wheel Assembly

John Deere uses this idler wheel on many track loader models and in most cases the roller is interchangeable on the left/right and front/back of the machine. This is the premium aftermarket idler for the following John Deere compact track loader models:

  • John Deere CT315
  • John Deere CT317-G (Front Only)
  • John Deere CT319-D
  • John Deere CT319-E
  • John Deere CT322
  • John Deere CT323-D
  • John Deere CT323-E
  • John Deere CT325-G
  • John Deere 329-D
  • John Deere 329-E
  • John Deere CT332
  • John Deere CT333-D
  • John Deere CT333-E

This is the larger roller that sits in the front of the undercarriage and is identical to that in the rear of the machine on most models. Typically they are interchangeable but some models like the 317G have a different idler in the rear so please double-check prior to ordering. This idler roller is also commonly known as part number AT366458 from the dealer. This idler is also commonly known as part number ID2076

Our upgraded design eliminates the need for pillow blocks on the side, so when you receive the roller it may look different than the original John Deere part but we guarantee the idler will fit, and it comes with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • John Deere Dealer Part Number: AT322755, ID2076, and AT366458

John Deere Undercarriage Parts

These dual flange idler assemblies are made to original specifications and produced with high-quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long-lasting service for your machine.

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