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John Deere 75D 75G Idler 9154166

John Deere75G Idler 9154166
John Deere 75D 75G Idler 9154166
John Deere 75D and 75G tension idlers are interchangeable across each model as well as some sister models from Hitachi. We stock the idlers and the full undercarriage for the 75D and 75G models with free shipping when you check out online.
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Weight: 98 lbs
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John Deere 9154166 Idler Assembly

This is the aftermarket idler for the John Deere 75D and 75G series mini excavators. This idler comes fully assembled and ready for installation. The installation brackets that slide into the track frame are shorter than a typical idler but they fit directly into your track frame to bolt to your tensioner. This idler is over one hundred pounds so it must ship on freight. Please do not select ground shipping for this idler or it will delay your order. The 9154166 John Deere part number is interchangeable with the Hitachi AT315269 part number for the ZX75US-3 model. This idler is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • John Deere 75C
  • John Deere 75D
  • John Deere 75G
  • John Deere 80C
  • John Deere 85D
  • John Deere 85G
  • Hitachi EX60-5
  • Hitachi ZX75US-3

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Hitachi Dealer Part Number: 9154166
  • JCT Dealer Part Number: 234/70145
  • John Deere Dealer Part Number: AT315269

Alternate Models

This idler assembly (234/70145) is known to fit:

  • JCB 8080
  • JCB8085ZTS
  • JCB JS70
  • JCB JZ70

John Deere Undercarriage Idlers

These single flange idler assemblies are made to original specifications and produced with high quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long lasting service for your machine. These idlers are a direct replacement fit and slide into the track frame to connect to your existing tensioner.