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John Deere 35D 30G Idler 9269094

9269094 Idler
John Deere 35D 30G Idler 9269094
Buy aftermarket John Deere idlers for your 27D, 30G, 35G, and 35D mini excavator online and save a trip to the dealer. This idler is specific to the serial number ranges so please confirm your serial break. We guarantee fit and we promise same-day shipping.
SKU: 9269094
Weight: 66 lbs
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9269094 Tension Idler Assembly

This is the aftermarket replacement tension idler for the John Deere 27D, 30G, 35G and 35D series mini excavator. This idler fits John Deere 30G model serial numbers up to 265115. This idler fits John Deere 35D model serial number 265000 and up.

Please verify your serial number and availability before ordering.

The idlers guide the track in and out of the rollers and provide a way to control slack and tension.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • John Deere Dealer Part Number: 9269054, 1034443, 9269094

Optional Part Availability

This idler fits John Deere 30G models serial numbers up to 265115 and John Deere 35D models serial numbers 265000 and up.

Alternate Models

This tension idler (9269094) is known to fit:

  • John Deere: 27D
    Serials 255000 - Above
  • John Deere: 30G
    Serials Up To 265115
  • John Deere: 35D
    Serials 265713 - Above
  • John Deere 35G
    Serials Up To 274279

John Deere Parts

These single flange idler assemblies are made to original specifications and produced with high quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long lasting service for your machine. This is a complete assembly with the yokes installed and ready to slide into your track frame for installation.

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