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John Deere 27ZTS 35ZTS Bottom Track Roller 4340535

Deere 27ZTS 35ZTS Bottom Roller 4340535
John Deere 27ZTS 35ZTS Bottom Track Roller 4340535
Buy aftermarket John Deere 27ZTS and 35ZTS bottom rollers online and save on your maintenance budget. This roller is being replaced by the updated 9237937 version.
SKU: 4340535
Weight: 16 lbs
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Price: $190.00

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John Deere 26-35 Series Bottom Roller

The 4340535 John Deere mini excavator is a fully-assembled roller that comes with the bolts that are required for installation. No further hardware or assembly is required. This is the premium aftermarket bottom roller for the following John Deere mini excavators:

  • John Deere 26G
  • John Deere 27C
  • John Deere 27ZTS
  • John Deere 27D
  • John Deere 35C
  • John Deere 35D
  • John Deere 35G
  • John Deere 35ZTS
  • Airman AX35

The track rollers carry the weight of the machine while it is traveling and digging, as well as support and guide the machine on the track. Changing bottom rollers is an easy do-it-yourself project that you can save a lot of labor costs on and get the job done on-site without having to take the machine in for a day.

John Deere 27 C ZTS Undercarriage

John Deere 35C ZTS Undercarriage

John Deere 27zts 35zts FAQ

The rubber track size you need for the John Deere 27zts is a 300x52.5x78 which is 12 inches wide with 78 drive links down the center of the track.

Yes we stock the entire undercarriage for the 27zts model.

John Deere 27 C ZTS Undercarriage

Yes, we offer the full line of sprockets, rollers, idlers.

John Deere 35C ZTS Undercarriage