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Caterpillar 300.9D Tension Idler 373-1851

Cat Bottom Roller 300.9D 373-1851
Caterpillar 300.9D Tension Idler 373-1851
Buy aftermarket tension idlers for your Caterpillar 300.9D online at Rubbertrax to save time and money. This roller is known as original part number 373-1851 from the dealer which has been superseded by part number 527-3879. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This 373-1851 / 527-3879 idler assembly ships free when you check out online.
SKU: 373-1851
Weight: 26 lbs
Make: Cat
Price: $147.00

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373-1851 Idler Assembly

This is the premium aftermarket tension idler for the following Caterpillar® mini excavator models:

  • Cat® 300.9D S/N LJM, LJ2
  • Cat® 300.9D VPS S/N TGP, DW2

Tension idlers install on the opposite end of the undercarriage as the sprocket and help maintain tension on the rubber track to prevent de-tracking. If your rubber track is frequently falling off from the rear of the machine, that is a sign that your idler is worn down and needs to be replaced.

Alternate Cat Part Numbers

  • Caterpillar® Dealer Part Number: 373-1851 527-3879

Optional 300.9D Idlers

There are no known alternate part listings. The 373-1851 superseded by the 527-3879 idler assembly is guaranteed to fit the serial breaks listed.