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Caterpillar 259B3 259D Triple Idler 536-3552

Caterpillar 259B3 259D Idler 348-9647
Caterpillar 259B3 259D Triple Idler 536-3552
Buy aftermarket idlers for your Cat 259 B3 and 259D online at Rubbertrax and save versus going to your Cat dealer. This is a triple flange idler that has an extra flange down the center that travels down the center of the rubber track guide system. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer.
SKU: 536-3552
Weight: 121 lbs
Make: Cat
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Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

536-3552 Triple Flange Idler Assembly

Caterpillar® undercarriage parts vary depending on your specific series and the type of rubber track you are running. For most XHP and D3 models the undercarriage requires a triple flange idler if you are running on rubber tracks. This is the only triple flange idler option for the rubber track equipped Caterpillar® track loader series. You may have a combination of dual flange front and single flange rear so please evaluate your undercarriage prior to ordering. If you have these models but you are running a steel track then you require a completely different single-flange idler.

This is the triple flange idler for the Caterpillar 259B3 and 259D compact track loader which is guaranteed to fit the models listed below. We stock the entire undercarriage for these models. This is a triple flange roller that rides on the outside of the rubber track guiding system as well as an inside flange for added stability to prevent de-tracking. Your machine may be equipped with a dual flange idler without the inside guide flange so please verify prior to ordering. Be aware that the paint color can vary and will not match your original equipment paint color.

This 348-9647 536-3552 idler fits the following models:

  • Caterpillar 259B3
  • Caterpillar 259D
  • Caterpillar 259D3
  • Caterpillar 259DLRC
  • Caterpillar 279C
  • Caterpillar 279C2
  • Caterpillar 279D
  • Caterpillar 279D3
  • Caterpillar 279DLRC
  • Caterpillar 289C Serial Number JMP
  • Caterpillar 289C2
  • Caterpillar 289D
  • Caterpillar 289D3
  • Caterpillar 289DLRC
  • Caterpillar 299D
  • Caterpillar 299DXHP
  • Caterpillar 299C
  • Caterpillar 299D2XHP
  • Caterpillar 299D2
  • Caterpillar 299D3

This idler is guaranteed to fit so order online with confidence. It is always important to change your undercarriage parts and rubber tracks at the same time to maximize the life span of the tracks and parts and get the optimal wear.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Caterpillar® Dealer Part Number: 348-9647 superseded by 536-3552

Reliable Quality

Our triple flange idler assemblies come complete with double lip seals that are pressure tested during production at the factory to lock out dirt and contaminants and lock the lubrication in for long-lasting reliable service you can rely on, backed by a factory warranty against failure.

Alternate Idler

Your machine may be equipped with a dual flange idler instead of the triple flange idler. Please see part number 304-1878 for more details if your idler does not have the center guide flange.

Caterpillar 259B3 259D Parts Diagram

Cat 259D Parts Tracks

Caterpillar 259B3 259D Parts Diagram