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Bolt-On Rubber Pads Caterpillar Sumitomo

Bolt-on Rubber Pads for Cat 311 312 313
Bolt-On Rubber Pads Caterpillar Sumitomo
Replacement bolt-on rubber pads for steel tracks on the Caterpillar Link Belt and Sumitomo excavators. This 500mm (almost twenty-inch) wide pad fits a variety of makes and models in the full-size excavator range. Four bolts provide a long-term secure installation for your project. Protect the streets from steel track damage by using bolt-on rubber pads.
Weight: 12 lbs
Make: Cat
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Price: $67.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Bolt-On Rubber Pads for Cat & Sumitomo Steel Tracks

We supply traditional-style bolt-on replacement rubber pads for steel track groups. Replacement pads are priced individually. These pads are designed to fit steel tracks for the following models:

  • Cat® 311 (500mm)
  • Cat® 311F (500mm)
  • Cat® 312 (500mm)
  • Cat® 312C (500mm)
  • Cat® 312D (500mm)
  • Cat® 312D L (500mm)
  • Cat® 312E (500mm)
  • Cat® 312E L (500mm)
  • Cat® 312 (500mm)
  • Cat® 313F L GC (500mm)
  • Cat® 313 (500mm)
  • Cat® 314C (500mm)
  • Cat® 314D (500mm)
  • Cat® 314D LCR (500mm)
  • Cat® 314E (500mm)
  • Cat® 315F L (500mm)
  • Cat® 315 NEXT GEN (500mm)
  • Sumitomo SH100-1
  • Sumitomo SH100-2
  • Sumitomo SH120-1
  • Sumitomo SH120-2
  • Sumitomo SH120-3
  • Sumitomo SH125X-3
  • Sumitomo SH125XU-3
  • Sumitomo SH135X-3
  • Link Belt 130LX (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130LX LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x2 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x2LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x3 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x3LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130X4 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 135 SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X3 SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X3 LC SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X4 SPIN-ACE (500mm)

These are the industry standard type bolt-on rubber pads that attach to your steel grouser through the existing pre-drilled bolt holes. There are four bolt holes, two on each side of the grouser. The bolt holes are spaced out sixteen inches on center across the grouser and are fifty-eight millimeters across the grouser plate. Rubber pads include the M16 nuts required for installation on the grousers.

Cat 312 Rubber Pad Specs

LinkBelt Pad Specs:

  • Pad Width: 500mm
  • Pad Length: 124mm
  • Bolt Width Spacing: 400mm
  • Bolt Length Spacing: 58mm
  • Triple Grouser Clearance: 14mm
  • Bolt Size: M16