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Bobcat Vermeer Skid Steer 9 Inch Tracks

Vermeer s725 s800 Rubber Tracks
Bobcat Vermeer Skid Steer 9 Inch Tracks
This is the ten-inch wide rubber track for Vermeer and Bobcat® mini skid steer models. There are seven-inch and ten-inch wide track options, but this nine-inch is the most common way to improve flotation on your mini skid steer. These directional tread pattern tracks give you the traction that your mini skid steer needs to get the job done. Order online today and get FREE shipping automatically applied during checkout.
SKU: RTC00425
Weight: 124 lbs
Make: Vermeer
Which Rubber Track Size: 230 x 72 x 45
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Price: $560.00

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230x72x45 Rubber Tracks

This is the heavy-duty rubber track for the Bobcat® MT85 and Vermeer S725TX mini trencher. The track is nine inches wide (230 mm) which is likely the original size from the dealer when you bought the machine new. It is possible that you have a 7 inch wide track so please verify your track size before ordering. The tread pictured is a more aggressive tread option so please specify if you would like another option. We typically have a turf-friendly option as well.

This track was originally designed for the following Bobcat® mini skid steer loaders:

  • Bobcat® MT85
  • Bobcat® MT100

This new design adds significant reinforcement to the guide system. The cheap rubber tracks you find at most dealers can not stand up to the rigorous abuse that a typical Bobcat® or Vermeer mini skid goes through on a demanding day at work at an average tree company or demolition site. This track has a reinforced guiding system for significantly increased strength and durability to hold up to the conditions.

Optional Track Availability

There are many rubber track width and tread pattern options for the Vermeer mini skid steer models. The narrow Vermeer skid steer tracks are seven-inches wide and this listing is for the ten-inch wide track but cheaper standard duty tracks and alternate tread patterns are available. The Bobcat seven inch wide MT85 MT100 tracks offer OEM quality specifically designed for your undercarriage. Turf-friendly tread patterns in the diamond tread track pattern are also available.

Alternate Models

This rubber track (230 x 72 x 45) is known to fit:

  • Vermeer CTX100
  • Vermeer CTX160
  • Vermeer CTX218
  • Vermeer CTX219
  • Vermeer S725TX
  • Vermeer S800TX
  • Vermeer S925TX

Vermeer Track Quality

Our mini skid steer track loader rubber tracks are made with helically wound continuous steel cords that are coated for protection against rust. These rubber tracks are designed for reliable service in rigorous conditions. We use non-recycled rubber in our most technologically advanced factory that strives to bring continuous improvements to our quality products. Our cut-resistant edges and premium heavy-duty guide systems deliver the absolute best quality rubber tracks in the aftermarket.