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Bobcat T300 Series CTL DEEP Sprocket 7107787

Bobcat T250 T300 Deep Sprocket 7107787
Bobcat T300 Series CTL DEEP Sprocket 7107787
This is the late model edition of Bobcat® compact track loader aftermarket replacement sprocket. This is a direct replacement for original dealer part numbers 7165109 and 7107787. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. Verify you have six bolts and verify your serial below. This sprocket ships free if you checkout online.
SKU: 7107787AM
Weight: 102 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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Price: $419.00

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Here is the replacement drive sprocket for the following list of Bobcat®

Alternate Models

Sprocket (7107787) is known to fit:

  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat T320
  • Bobcat T630
  • Bobcat T650 (Single Speed)
  • Bobcat T740 (Serials B3CAA11001-B3CA127; verify 6 bolt holes)
  • Bobcat T770 (verify 6 bolt holes)
  • Bobcat T750 (Single Speed)
  • Bobcat T870 (Single Speed Up To Serial B47C110000

This is the latest style for users that have recently replaced their drive motor, or for users with a machine purchased in recent years. The sprocket is deeper than the original 6715821 drive sprocket to accommodate the newer wide final drive motor. This type of drive sprocket is commonly referred to as the dished style as opposed to the flat style. Check to make sure your sprocket is more than five inches wide prior to ordering this sprocket. See additional pictures or our diagram for more measurement details. This part number is being replaced by the latest part number 7165109 from the manufacturer. This is an identical dimensioned product.

The T740 and T870 model has 3 sprocket options so please verify prior to purchasing. 7227421, 7196807

7107787 Sprocket Specifications:

  • 17 Teeth
  • 6 Bolt Holes
  • Inside Mounting Diameter: 6 1/4 inches
  • Outside Diameter: 18 1/2 inches
  • Depth: 6 inches

Bobcat 6715821 Sprocket Depth

Not sure how to measure your Bobcat® sprockets to determine which one you need? Feel free to call for all of your Bobcat® maintenance parts questions and we will guide you to the right part and take your order over the phone. If you have removed the sprocket from the machine and then lay it on a flat surface, you can typically determine the sprocket you need by measuring from the flat surface to the edge of the sprocket. If your sprocket compares to this 4 7/8 inch deep version you need this sprocket: Bobcat 6715821 Sprocket

Bobcat 7107787 Sprocket Depth

Compared to the newer version of the Bobcat sprocket known as 7107787 there is a clear difference. This is the newer version of the sprocket for the later models and the latest drive motor. This version has a six-inch depth and is considered the widest version compared to the previous generation.

Not sure how to measure your T-300 Sprockets to determine which one you need? Feel free to give us a call with any track loader maintenance parts concerns or questions.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat Dealer Part Number: 7165109, 7107786

Optional Sprocket Availability

The T740 and T870 model has 3 sprocket options so please verify prior to purchasing. 7227421, 7196807. We still stock the original part number 6715821 for older machines still operating on the previous 4 1/2-inch shallow version of the drive motor and sprocket.

Optional Bobcat® Loader Sprockets

Typically, compact track loaders that are rated for over 2,500 operating capacity or over 9,000 pounds operating weight have these optional drive sprockets. Once you have your serial number, we can look it up for you.

Part Number Drive Teeth Bolt Holes Depth
6715821 17 6 4 7/8 Inches
7107787 17 6 6 Inches
7196807 17 8 6 1/4 Inches
7227421 17 8 Flat