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Aftermarket Rubber track for Yanmar B 22

Yanmar B 22 Tracks
Aftermarket Rubber track for Yanmar B 22
Buy your aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for the Yanmar B 22 series mini excavators online at Rubbertrax. These tracks are in stock and ready to ship the same day you place your order. We only stock two of these tracks at a time so order yours today! This is a rare track size and your dealer likely does not stock it. We strive to keep the rare sizes in stock at all times.
SKU: RT2810635
Weight: 251 lbs
Which Rubber Track Size: 280 x 106 x 35
Price: $930.00
Availability: Currently Out of Stock

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

This is an aftermarket replacement rubber track sold individually for Yanmar mini excavator models B 2X and B22 series. There may be tread pattern alternates available to the ones shown so call if your tread pattern is a priority and we can get a picture of the actual tracks you will receive. The tracks are eleven inches (280 mm) wide with thirty-five metal embedded links down the center where the sprocket rotates the track.

Rubber tracks are sold individually unless otherwise stated as a combination or set. These tracks come supported with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects. These tracks are guaranteed to fit the following Yanmar models:

  • Yanmar B22
  • Yanmar B22-2
  • Yanmar B22-2A
  • Yanmar B2 X 1