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230 x 72 x 36 Non Marking Rubber Tracks

Non Marking White Rubber Tracks
230 x 72 x 36 Non Marking Rubber Tracks
This premium non-marking rubber track is designed to the same specification as the regular rubber tracks and prevents black streaks on the ground when you are working indoors. Non-marking rubber tracks are required in many office buildings and food industry applications. If you are doing work in arenas or public areas you may be required to use a non-marking track and we have the answer for you. These tracks are easy to install so you can keep a spare set of non-marking rubber tracks on hand when delicate job sites require them to be installed.
SKU: RTC00436-NM
Weight: 142 lbs
Which Rubber Track Size: 230 x 72 x 56
Price: $800.00

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Non-Marking: 230 x 72 x 36 Rubber Track

This non-marking (white) rubber track fits many drilling, boring, and mini dumper machines that are commonly used on repair and renovation jobs in existing buildings and arenas. White or gray appearance is a non-marking rubber compound that prevents leaving black streaks on the floor during operation. These non-marking white or gray-colored rubber tracks are highly recommended for indoor repair and finishing work.

This track is nine inches (230 mm) wide with 56 metal links. There are some options to the width of this track size so please check your machine prior to ordering and let us know if you have any questions.

We typically stock a ten-inch wide option for this track under track size 250x72x56. This is known as the original part number 362-1036 from the dealer. There may be optional tread patterns for this size so if tread pattern is important to your application, please specify at the time of ordering. We frequently stock this track in an optional non-marking rubber compound with a turf-friendly tread pattern for special job site applications. Call or chat with us online about any special tread pattern needs or rubber compounds that you need.

This rubber track (230 x 72 x 36) is guaranteed to fit:

  • American Auger DD2
  • Astec DD2024
  • Astec DD2226
  • Bandit 2650T
  • Bandit 2900T
  • Bandit SG-75
  • Beretta TD50 Drill
  • Beretta TD75 Drill
  • Bormor 200TX
  • Bormor 400TX
  • Geoprobe 54DT
  • Vermeer® HG 12
  • SDP Manufacturing EZ Hauler 2500

Unfortunately, we do not currently carry aftermarket undercarriage parts for the directional drills so you can check with your local Ditch Witch® dealer for genuine original replacement sprockets, rollers, and idlers.

Tread Patterns Commonly Available

Directional 230x72x44

The directional tread pattern is the most common tread pattern for wide spread job site applications. Adequate traction with extra support for the guide system area where the rollers engage the track to prevent vibration and operator discomfort.

Directional 230x72x44

The universal design provides a curved tread that eliminates the deep grove between tread lugs and reduced the vibration on the machine and the operator. This tread pattern is designed to give you the traction you need and prevent operator fatigue.

Turf Friendly 230 x72 x56

The turf-friendly tread pattern is the most common for residential and delicate landscape areas. The smoother tread pattern reduces vibration overall on the machine and operator. This tread pattern is designed to limit damage to finished landscape areas.

Non Marking White Rubber Tracks

The non-marking tread pattern is the most common for indoor and public venue jobs. This rubber compound prevents black streaks and scuffing on concrete and floor surfaces when you have to do work indoors. If you are doing repair work indoors often is is a great idea to keep a set of non-marking rubber tracks in stock.