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Yanmar VIO 27-2 VIO 27-5 Idler

172458-37061 Yanmar VIO 27-2 VIO 27-5 Idler
Yanmar VIO 27-2 VIO 27-5 Idler
Buy aftermarket idler for your Yanmar VIO 27 series 2 through 5 online at Rubbertrax and save money versus hunting for a hard to find Yanmar dealer.
SKU: 172458-37061
Weight: 51 lbs
Make: Yanmar
Shipping: Fast and Free!
Price: $615.00

Product Details

This is the aftermarket idler for the Yanmar VIO 27-2 through the VIO 27-5 series mini excavator. This idler comes fully assembled with mounting arms and bearing and it is ready to install.

Fits the following models:

  • Yanmar VIO 27-2 /-3/-4/-5
  • Yanmar VIO 35-2 /-3/-5
  • Yanmar VIO 35-5
  • Yanmar VIO 35-6A

Alternate Part Number:
Yanmar dealer part number: 172458-37061, 172458-37060, 172458-37061, 172458-37060, 772458-37100, 772458-37100-1, 772458-37100-2, 772458-37100, 772458-37102
Alternate Models:
Yanmar: VIO 27-2, VIO 27-3, VIO 27-4, VIO 27-5, VIO 35-3, VIO 35-5, VIO 35-6A
Alternate Part:
This idler only fits the rubber track models and will not fit on steel track equipped Yanmar models. This idler is guaranteed to fit for rubber tracked models only.

If your track is coming off on a regular basis then your tension idler has probably worn to the point where it cannot tension the track properly. Replacing your tension idler will solve that problem assuming your tensioner itself is still good. This idler comes complete as pictured. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Yanmar VIO 27-2 through VIO 27-5 Undercarriage