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Volvo EC55 Bottom Track Roller

Volvo EC 55 Bottom Roller 1181-00430
Volvo EC55 Bottom Track Roller
Buy aftermarket bottom track rollers for your Volvo EC 55 mini excavator online and save money compared to buying at your local Volvo dealer.
SKU: 1181-00430
Weight: 22 lbs
Make: Volvo
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Price: $192.00

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Volvo EC55 Track Roller

The Volvo EC55 and ECR58 series bottom rollers are interchangeable. This is the aftermarket bottom track roller for the Volvo EC55 /B/C/D series mini excavator as well as the models listed below.

This is the roller at the bottom of the undercarriage that runs through the guide of the track and carries the weight of the machine across the ground. Your model may be equipped with the steel track version outside guide rollers pictured on this listing or the triple flange roller for the rubber track models listed under part number 14543565. Please call if you have questions about which roller fits your model.

The blue arrow on the image references where this roller is installed on your Volvo. There should be five bottom rollers per side on you EC 55. Installation is simple, the roller is fully assembled so just remove the bolts from the previous roller and reuse them to install the new roller. If the track is off the machine you can easily use a floor jack to lift the rollers into proper installation position and easily bolt them in place.

Alternate Part Number:
Volvo dealer part number: 1181-00430
Alternate: 14543561
Alternate Models:
Volvo: EC55
Volvo: EC55B
Volvo: EC55C
Volvo: EC55D
Volvo: ECR58
Volvo: EC60C

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This track roller is guaranteed to fit unless you have the triple flange roller option on your specific undercarriage.

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