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Toro Dingo TX 1000 Narrow Lug-Driven Rubber Track

Toro Dingo TX 1000 Narrow Track
Toro Dingo TX 1000 Narrow Lug-Driven Rubber Track
Buy replacement narrow rubber tracks for a Toro Dingo TX1000 compact track machine online at Rubbertrax. We ship our orders the same day they are ordered as long as we receive the order before 3:00 EST. This is the narrow version of the TX-1000 lug driven track. Price includes free shipping when you check out online.
SKU: 121-4592
Weight: 44 lbs
Make: Toro
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List Price: $750.00
Price: $695.00

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This is the premium aftermarket rubber track for Toro Dingo TX 1000 Narrow lug-driven version NOT the new steel embedded models. This track is six and a quarter inches wide and is considered the narrow option for the Toro compact tool carriers. Starting at serial number 407100000, Toro replaced the lug driven track with a steel embedded track design so this track will not work for the newer serial numbers. Order your Toro Dingo rubber tracks priced online for same day shipping or pick up in our many nation-wide warehouses. These tracks are small enough to be shipped in a box via Fedex Ground home or business delivery so you will always get free shipping on Toro tracks included in the online price. Verify that you have the bogey driven undercarriage with the rubber drive cogs or drive lugs that look like rubber triangles inside the rubber track.

Our competitors sell a cheaper, slightly more narrow version of this track so keep that in mind when purchasing. Our tracks are high quality, steel cord reinforced. If you are interested in the more narrow 5 3/4 Inch version of this track, we do have access to it so please specify.

Toro Dingo TX1000 Drive LugsHere is an example of the solid rubber drive lugs on the Toro TX1000 narrow track. Make sure to frequently check your bottom rollers on your Toro Dingo TX1000. If your bottom rollers are out of line on your Dingo it will tear up the inside rubber track lugs quickly. Proper tension the rubber track and lining up your bottom rollers will extend the life span of your replacement Toro Dingo rubber tracks. If your drive lugs are chewed up from the side that is a sure sign that the rollers are out of alignment. This track comes with thirty seven drive lugs down the center of the track like you see here.

If your machine requires the wide track option, you will need part number 121-4591.

It is common for the tensioner to wear at a similar rate as the rubber tracks, so if your track appears to be jumping off after installing the new track then you need to replace your tensioner. Sometimes with your older and fatigued track the tensioner is not noticeable but when you put the new heavy duty version on your machine the tensioner is not capable of maintaining tension.