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Takeuchi TL12V2 TL12R2 Drive Sprocket

Takeuchi TL12-V2 TL 12-R2 Sprockets
Takeuchi TL12V2 TL12R2 Drive Sprocket
Buy drive sprockets for your Takeuchi TL 12 V2 and TL 12R2 online at Rubbertrax and save money versus going to the dealership. Now in stock for same day shipping! Make sure to verify your exact model as the TL12 has several series and the sprockets are not interchangeable.
SKU: 06916-00011
Weight: 44 lbs
Make: Takeuchi
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Price: $550.00

Product Details

Takeuchi TL 12V2 TL 12R2 Drive Sprocket

This is the replacement aftermarket drive sprocket for the Takeuchi TL-12 V2 and TL-12 R2 compact track loaders. The TL12v2 has a serial break at 412000579 that requires this sixteen tooth sprocket. See our fourteen tooth sprocket for previous serial numbers. This drive sprocket is commonly known as part number 06916-00011 from the factory.

The Takeuchi track loaders commonly wear sprockets at the rate of the rubber track wear. Please check the wear on your rubber track links and your sprocket at the same time and rotate or replace as needed. Rubber tracks and sprockets for the TL 12V2 and TL 12R2 vary based on serial breaks. Tracks and sprockets are designed to wear together so we always suggest changing them at the same time to maximize the lifespan of each item.
Alternate Part Number: Takeuchi dealer part number: 06916-00011
Alternate Model:
Takeuchi: TL 12V2, TL 12R2
Alternate Part:
This sprocket fits serial breaks 412000579 +. Serial numbers prior to 0579 require the 14 tooth sprocket as opposed to this 16 tooth latest version.

We now supply the drive sprocket (06916-00011), front roller located at the rear of the machine under the sprocket (881131300), the bottom track rollers down the center of the undercarriage (881130500), and idler (881140300). We also carry the rubber tracks for this model.

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