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Rubber Track for Yanmar C50R and YFW 40

Yanmar C50R Rubber Tracks
Rubber Track for Yanmar C50R and YFW 40
Replacement rubber track for Yanmar YFW 40 and YFW 45 series crawlers. This twenty-inch wide crawler track comes in an aggressive traction tread pattern for muddy conditions.
SKU: RTC509082
Weight: 1035 lbs
Make: Yanmar
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Price: $3,100.00

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500x90x82 Yanmar Rubber Tracks

This track size is the premium aftermarket replacement rubber track for early model Yanmar crawler carriers and dumpers. This rubber track is almost twenty inches (500 mm) wide and is very heavy so please verify that you have equipment capable of unloading prior to ordering online. The rubber tracks are known to replace early model Yanmar YFW 40 and YFW 45 series machines. This rubber track size is also the most common replacement size for Yanmar C50 R, R-1, and R-2. Rubber Tracks are sold individually unless otherwise stated as a combination or set. Some OEM tracks come in additional widths. If this is not the exact track size stamped into your existing rubber track, please call and contact one of our knowledgeable associates for additional assistance.