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Rubber Track OEM Case CX27B Kobelco SK 27

Case CX27 Rubber Tracks
Rubber Track OEM Case CX27B Kobelco SK 27
This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for Kobelco equipment and Case mini excavators. This is the original width 250 mm version that originally came with your specific model. This ten-inch wide track is designed for smaller mini diggers in tight job site conditions. Wider tracks are available if space is not your main concern.
SKU: RT100389A
Weight: 200 lbs
Make: Case
Which Rubber Track Size: 250 x 52.5 x 80
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Price: $925.00

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10-Inch Case Rubber Tracks

Buy your aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Case CX 27B, CX 30B, and Kobelco SK 27 mini excavators. The tracks are almost ten inches (250 mm) wide with eighty metal links down the center. This is the original track size for the Case CX 27B which is narrower than other options on the market. This track may also fit your Case CX30C if you can confirm the existing track size. Please call if you have any questions. We do have wider track options for these models, however, this is the original width track that originally came with the mini excavator.

Optional Models

This rubber track is known to fit:

  • Bluelift B101
  • Case CX 27B
  • Case CX 30B
  • Case CX 30C
  • Hyundai R27z-9
  • Hitachi EX27U-2
  • Hitachi EX27U-3
  • John Deere 26G
  • Kobelco SK27
  • Kobelco SK27 FR-3
  • Kobelco SK27 SR-3
  • Kobelco SK27 SR-5
  • New Holland E 27.2 SR
  • New Holland E 29B SR
  • New Holland E 30C
  • New Holland EH 27B
  • Sunward SWE 28

Optional Width Availability

We do not stock many alternate tread patterns in the 250mm wide version, however if you have the width to upgrade to the 300mm version we do stock several tread pattern options in the wider width.

Alternate Width

This is the narrow option with the same guide specification as the popular 300x52.5x80 track. If you have a machine with the 300x52.5x80 narrow guide track and you need a narrow option this track will work for you. It is almost two inches less width.