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Rubber Track Bobcat® T590 Narrow

Bobcat T190 T590 Tracks 7028223
Rubber Track Bobcat® T590 Narrow
This is a thirteen-inch narrow option for the models listed known as the current OEM number 7028223. Buy Bobcat® T-590 T-190 aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for your Bobcat® compact track loaders online and save! Order online and get free shipping to a commercial address.
SKU: RTC00499
Weight: 350 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Which Rubber Track Size: 320 x 86 x 49
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Price: $1,050.00

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320x86x49 Bobcat T590 Track

Is your Bobcat® T590 or T190 rubber track broken or worn out? This is the staggered block tread pattern aftermarket replacement rubber track for Bobcat® compact track loaders. The tread pattern shown is the most popular general-use tread pattern in the market. This is our staggered block tread pattern for maximum flotation in general-use applications that mimics the traction and flotation of the original track known as part number 7028223 from the dealership. The track is twelve and a half inches wide and designed to replace the original Bridgestone and Bobcat® number: 7028223. This is a tried and true Bobcat® T190 and T590 compatible tread pattern that we have sold for over fifteen years now, so we stand behind our product quality with confidence. This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 6680161 6989140, 6988318, 6988838, and 7028223 from EarthForce®.

Optional Part Availability

The T190 T590 series comes in optional track widths, including a sixteen-inch wide option.

Alternate Models

This rubber track (6988838) is guaranteed to fit:

Optional Tread Patterns

Alternate Tread Patterns:

We stock the T-190 T-590 tracks in an offset C-Pad tread pattern, a Zig Zag Multi-Bar, and a Turf-Friendly pattern. We will try to keep a list of optional tread patterns listed below. Please specify if you have a preferred tread pattern option.

This rubber track (tread pattern options) is known to fit:

This track comes with a standard warranty against manufacturer defects. If sprockets are purchased and installed together with the tracks, you will maximize the lifespan of your new tracks. Always consider changing your sprockets and any worn undercarriage parts when you change your tracks. Rubber tracks and sprockets are designed to wear together and changing sprockets at any other time would reduce the lifespan of both the track and the sprocket by accelerating the wear as they seat into each other. Other worn parts can affect the tensioning of the track and can cause de-tracking and other wear issues.

Tread Patterns Commonly Available

Staggered Block Tread Pattern

The off-set block tread pattern is the most general purpose tread pattern for widespread job site applications. Adequate traction with maximum floatation helps prevent damage to sensitive areas while still providing enough traction for typical job sites. The staggered block tread pattern replaces original Bridgestone part numbers 6680161, 7028223, and 7316758

Zig Zag Tread Pattern

This tread pattern allows for maximum traction in a wide variety of applications including mud, snow, and slopes. The additional tread depth gives you more forward traction with just enough jagged zig-zag edges to provide traction on a side slope. For the Zig Zag tread pattern this track size replaces original Bobcat® numbers 73057252EF and 7374160 and original Caterpillar® 608-7326.

Multi-Bar Tread Pattern

This Multi Bar tread pattern has become popular among many new Catâ„¢ compact track loaders. Although there are straight bars for traction, they are very close together, which gives this tread pattern a more turf-friendly attribute. Many original manufacturers are suggesting this pattern for snow as well as general use. The Multi-Bar tread pattern in this size replaces the original part number 6988318

Offset C Pad Tread Pattern

The off-set C tread pattern is common among original equipment manufactures because it gives significant forward traction and grip as well as extra traction provided by the C shaped pads when operating across a slope, even though that is not suggested practice. The C-Pad tread pattern was very popular among original Bobcat® models and this track replaces part numbers 6680161, and 7316758.

Turf-Friendly Tread Pattern

The turf-friendly is a newer option for rare cases when you are using a full-sized track loader for finishing residential work or situations when minimal traction is required. This track minimizes vibration on the operator. This tread pattern is known as the Hex tread from your original dealership and the track size would be part numbers 7327930 and 7327930EF.