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Over The Tire Tracks (10 Inch)

Skid Steer Over the Tire Tracks
Over The Tire Tracks (10 Inch)
This is the best over-the-tire skid steer track system designed for easy installation over your existing 10x16.5 skid steer tires. The price listed is for the SET of tracks including the installation tools. Increase your productivity during rain-soaked seasons with the additional traction you need to get the job done. This is our steel option for the best durability and longevity, but we also offer a full-width rubber version if you prefer a rubber over-the-tire skid steer track system. Note that this kit is only designed for a wheelbase up to 41.3 inches. Extra links are available for newer models with a longer wheelbase.
Weight: 525 lbs
List Price: $2,990.00
Price: $2,220.00
You Save: $770.00 (26%)

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Steel Over-the-Tire Tracks 10"

Our over-the-tire tracks are designed to be interchangeable among all skid steer manufacturers. Some of the key models for this 10-inch wide option are listed below:

  • Bobcat S175
  • Bobcat S185
  • Bobcat 7753
  • Bobcat 8853
  • Case SR-130
  • Case SR-160
  • Case SR-175
  • Case SV-180

Best Over the Tire Skid Steer Tracks

These are the best over-the-tire skid steer tracks for general applications based on cost and lifespan longevity.

Our easy-to-install system comes with all the tools you need to install the tracks and you can use them and remove them when they are not needed. These tracks provide great traction in muddy conditions when your tires won't provide enough traction in the conditions. The tracks come fully assembled and the installation is self-explanatory. Simply unroll the tracks, drive into the tracks and fold them back over the tire. We provide a come-along tool and a wrench to pull the tracks together so you can easily bolt them together. There are two adjustment points at every link in the system for any size tweaks that are needed. We do carry additional grouser links if you have an exceptionally long wheelbase.

Why don't we offer rubber pads for our over-the-tire skidsteer tracks? Competitors offer steel over-the-tire tracks with bolt-on rubber pads because historically steel tracks would do significant damage to driveways and concrete surfaces. Costly rubber pads were the solution. While we don't suggest frequently operating on concrete surfaces (because over-the-tire tracks are for traction), you can see in the video below that our Traxter OTT system is designed to minimize damage to concrete. You can see the operator spinning the machine on concrete with no damage. The secret is in our curved design on the edge of the grouser pads that prevent the steel link from biting into the edge of a driveway and breaking it. The image shows the curved edges and the adjustment holes in each section so precise tensioning can be applied. Over the Tire Track Links

Please let us know the exact width of your existing tire and please verify that you have three inches of clearance between your existing tire and the machine so the skid steer track will not rub on the inside of the machine. We do sell a wheel spacer kit if your machine requires extra space for clearance between the tire and the frame.

Spacers are required if you don't have at least three inches of clearance between the tire and the machine. Take a look at our very simple install system. You can easily install these tracks as needed as opposed to complex systems that dedicate too much time to installation. Your tires can get the job done on a regular basis. We have an easy-to-install solution for the days when tires just will not work!