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Komatsu PC35 PC38 Rubber Tracks

Komatsu PC35 Rubber Tracks
Komatsu PC35 PC38 Rubber Tracks
Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Komatsu models PC 35 and 38 as well as the options listed below.
SKU: RT100407K
Weight: 340 lbs
Make: Komatsu
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Price: $1,025.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Komatsu-Specific 300x52.5x84

This is a premium aftermarket replacement rubber track for Komatsu mini excavators. This track incorporates a continuous cable design and utilizes forged metal inserts with a very specific guiding system built specifically for the machines listed below. There are eighty-four metal links down the center of the track and the track is almost twelve inches (300 mm) wide. This track will fit these Komatsu machine models:

  • Komatsu PC 35 MR
  • Komatsu PC35 MR-1
  • Komatsu PC35 MRX
  • Komatsu PC 35R-8
  • Komatsu PC 38
  • Komatsu PC38-2
  • Komatsu PC38UU
  • Komatsu PC38UU-2

We cannot guarantee fit for these machines unless you verify measurements prior to ordering because there are several options for these machines and there are also many gray market Komatsu machines in the USA that have been replaced with parts that were not designed for the machine.

There are other machine makes and models that are designed to work with this track size, but your existing track size must be confirmed.

  • Daewoo Solar 035
  • Kobelco SK 30 UR-2 (optional sizes)
  • Komatsu PC 20 Series
  • Komatsu PC 25 series
  • Komatsu PC 30 Series
  • Komplet Lem Track 6040 concrete machine