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John Deere 50D Sprocket Early Serials

John Deere 50D Sprocket 1036283
John Deere 50D Sprocket Early Serials
John Deere 50d mini excavators have a serial break so please verify if your serial break is in the lower range below prior to ordering. This sprocket is also interchangeable with the Hitachi ZX50U sub-series models listed below.
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1036283 John Deere Sprockets

The John Deere 50D early serial break requires the 1036283 drive sprocket. After serial number 275000, the newer version 2054978 is required. This is the aftermarket replacement drive sprocket for the following John Deere mini excavators:

  • John Deere 50D (Up to Serial 274999)
  • Hitachi ZX50U-2 (9 bolt version)
  • Hitachi ZX50U-3 (9 bolt version)

1036283 Sprocket Dimensions:

  • 19 Teeth
  • 18 Bolt Holes (All bolt holes are not utilized during installation)
  • Inside Diameter: 9 Inches
  • Outside Diameter: 6 1/2 Inches

Alternate Sprocket Options

  • John Deere dealer part number: 1036618, 2054978 fit serial numbers after 275000
  • John Deere dealer part number: 1036283 fit serial numbers up to 275000

Alternate Models

1036283 is known to fit:

  • John Deere: 50D Lower Serials
  • Hitachi ZX50U-2 / -3 (Must Verify)

Alternate Parts

  • Earlier serial numbers require sprocket part number 1036283 so please verify your serial number and part number prior to ordering online.

John Deere 50D Additional Parts

  • John Deere 50D Sprocket 2054978
  • John Deere 50D Bottom Roller 9239528
  • John Deere 50D Top Roller 9239529or 4718355 (There is a serial number break)
  • John Deere 50D Idler 9237507 or 9318048(There is a serial number break so double check)