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JCB 150T 200T 300T Rear Idler

332/P5843 JCB Idler Wheel
JCB 150T 200T 300T Rear Idler
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SKU: 332/P5843
Weight: 93 lbs
Make: JCB
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Price: $610.00

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Part number 332/P5843 dual flange rear idler is the premium aftermarket option for the JCB compact track loader rear idler wheel. This is a dual flange type roller that rides on the outside of your rubber track guiding system. This roller is the larger roller at the rear of the machine and there is only one per side for a total of two pieces per machine.

This idler is interchangeable with the following JCB track loaders:

  • JCB 1CXT
  • JCB 3TS-8T Teleskid
  • JCB 150T
  • JCB 150TR
  • JCB 200T
  • JCB 205T
  • JCB 225T
  • JCB 260T
  • JCB 270T
  • JCB 280T
  • JCT 300T
  • JCB 320T
  • JCB 325T
  • JCB 330T

JCB Tension Idler

This idler is a guaranteed fit and comes fully assembled and ready to install. See the image to confirm the location for this idler wheel.

Alternate Part Number:
JCB dealer part number: 332/P5843

Alternate Models:
JCB: All Above Models

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This idler is guaranteed to fit.