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Hitachi ZX70 ZX75 Bottom Roller 9153152

Hitachi ZX70 ZX75 9153152
Hitachi ZX70 ZX75 Bottom Roller 9153152
Hitachi ZX70 ZX75 series replacement bottom rollers for sale with free shipping when you check out online. There are ten bottom rollers per machine so please check all of your rollers and replace all worn or damaged rollers at the same time.
SKU: 9153152
Weight: 27 lbs
Make: Hitachi
Shipping: Fast and Free!
Price: $236.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Hitachi ZX75 Bottom Roller

This is the 9153152 aftermarket bottom roller for the Hitachi ZX70 and ZX75 series excavators. The bottom rollers carry the weight of the machine as well as support and guide the machine on the track. It is important to maintain all of your bottom rollers to distribute the weight of the machine across the entire undercarriage.

We carry the full undercarriage for the ZX70 and ZX75 models. Please see below and consider replacing your undercarriage parts together to increase the lifespan of your parts and allow them to wear evenly. There are typically four bottom rollers per side for a total of eight per machine for the John Deere 60G model excavator.

The 9153152 bottom roller is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Hitachi EX60-5
  • Hitachi EX70
  • Hitachi EX75
  • Hitachi EX80
  • Hitachi ZX70
  • Hitachi ZX70LC
  • Hitachi ZX75LC
  • Hitachi ZX75US-3