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Hitachi Top Roller MU3184

MU3184 Hitachi Top Roller
Hitachi Top Roller MU3184
The 4392416 MU3184 carrier roller is highly interchangeable among John Deere and Hitachi models. Buy aftermarket Hitachi carrier rollers online at Rubbertrax and save versus your Hitachi dealer. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This roller ships for free when you check out online.
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Hitachi EX35 Carrier Roller

The 4392416/9101720 is highly interchangeable among many John Deere and Hitachi mini excavators. The top carrier roller is easy to replace without removing the rubber tracks. This is the replacement upper carrier roller for the following mini excavator models:

  • Hitachi EX20UR-1
  • Hitachi EX27U
  • Hitachi EX29U
  • Hitachi EX30-1
  • Hitachi EX30-2
  • Hitachi EX30UR-1
  • Hitachi EX30UR-2
  • Hitachi EX33MU
  • Hitachi EX33U
  • Hitachi EX35-1
  • Hitachi EX35-2
  • Hitachi EX35U
  • Hitachi EX40
  • Hitachi EX40UR-1
  • Hitachi EX40UR-2
  • Hitachi EX45
  • Hitachi EX45-2
  • Hitachi EX50
  • Hitachi EX50U
  • Hitachi EX55UR
  • Hitachi EX55UR-2
  • Hitachi EX55UR-3
  • Hitachi EX58MU
  • Hitachi ZX27U
  • Hitachi ZX30U
  • Hitachi ZX35U
  • Hitachi ZX40U
  • Hitachi ZX50U(S/N 50001-7000)
  • Hitachi ZX60USB-3

9101720 Carrier Roller Specs:

  • Shaft Diameter: 30mm
  • Body Diameter: 80mm
  • Shaft Length: 42mm with 5mm wide collar
  • Body Length: 112 mm

This is the smaller roller at the top of the undercarriage towards the center of the track that holds the track up and prevents it from sagging into the track frame. No additional hardware is required, simply loosen and remove the old roller, slide the new roller in and tighten it down.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Hitachi Dealer Part Number: 4392416, 4357784, 9101720

Optional Fitment

Some models have serial breaks that require a 4718355 or 9239529 so please verify your part number and serial number or give us a call if you have any questions about fitment.