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Gehl Mustang Wacker Yanmar Dual Flange Idler

Gehl RT175 RT210 Dual Flange Rear Idler
Gehl Mustang Wacker Yanmar Dual Flange Idler
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SKU: 275574
Weight: 105 lbs
Make: Gehl
Price: $769.00
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Dual Flange Idler Assembly

This is the aftermarket dual flange rear idler option for the Gehl, Mustang, and Yanmar compact track loaders. This idler comes fully assembled with the bearing already included and ready for installation. The dual flange idler also fits the Wacker Neuson ST track loader series but the dual flange is the FRONT idler. Wacker reverses the installation and puts the dual flange in the front with the single flange in the rear.

This idler is interchangeable with the following Gehl, Mustang, and Yanmar track loaders:

  • Gehl RT 175
  • Gehl RT 210
  • Gehl RT 250
  • Gehl RT 255
  • Mustang 1650 RT
  • Mustang 1750 RT
  • Mustang 2100 RT
  • Mustang 2500 RT
  • Yanmar T175
  • Wacker Neuson ST-35 (Front Idler)
  • Wacker Neuson ST-45 (Front Idler)
  • Wacker Neuson ST-50 (Front Idler)
  • Yanmar T210

Gehl RT-175 RT-210 RT-250 Undercarriage

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