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Caterpillar® 267 and 277 Rubber Tracks

Cat 277B Rubber Tracks 420-9878
Caterpillar® 267 and 277 Rubber Tracks
Buy aftermarket rubber tracks here at the Rubbertrax online store for Caterpillar® 267 277 and B series track loaders. This is the replacement part known as part number (238-7664, 420-9878). These turf-friendly rubber tracks are designed to minimize terrain impact. These tracks are for sale individually and typically ship on the same day that you place your order. We provide fast shipping from one of our many warehouses across the USA.
SKU: 0700-260TF-238-7664
Weight: 300 lbs
Make: Cat
Which Rubber Track Size: 457 x 100 x 56
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List Price: $2,535.00
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Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Cat® 267B 277B Series Rubber Tracks

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for Caterpillar® construction equipment multi-terrain loaders commonly known as part number 238-7664. This is the turf-friendly, non-aggressive version offered online by Rubbertrax. This part number has been replaced with part number 420-9878. This track is only for the original A series and B series. The newer C series Caterpillar® 277C requires the 325-8625 version with three rows of drive lugs. This 277B series track only has two rows of solid rubber drive lugs for even torque distribution.

This track is a straight bar pattern resembling the OEM track. It is a non-metal core track specifically designed to reproduce the strength and durability of the original track at a cost much cheaper than your Caterpillar® dealership. This is the track you need if you are operating in sensitive landscaping areas and need to avoid damaging the turf. This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:

  • Caterpillar® 267
  • Caterpillar® 267B
  • Caterpillar® 277
  • Caterpillar® 277B

Alternate Part Number: 238-7664, 0700-260, 420-9878

If you are not sure which track is going on your machine just give us a call. This track is 457mm wide which is basically eighteen inches. Two rows of drive lugs are driven by the bogey wheel. If you have three rows of lugs then you most likely have a 277 C series and you need the original part number 325-8625.