Caterpillar 302.5C Idler 234-6204

Caterpillar 302.5C Idler 234-6204
Caterpillar 302.5C Idler 234-6204
Buy aftermarket Ca® mini excavator parts for your 302.5C series mini excavator online at Rubbertrax and save versus and expensive trip to your dealer. We stock all of the parts for your Caterpillar 302.5C mini excavator undercarriage for sale online with free shipping.
SKU: 234-6204
Weight: 78 lbs
Make: Cat
Price: $615.00

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This is the aftermarket idler assembly for the Caterpillar 302.5C series mini excavator. Parts vary across model numbers for the Cat® 302.5 series so please specify you have the 302.5C series mini excavator before ordering online. We have several other parts options for the 302.5 model so please give us a call if you have any questions. This idler is completely assembled with the yokes used to mount the idler to the tensioner. This is the pulley wheel on the opposite side of the undercarriage from the drive sprocket.

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