Caterpillar 301.5 301.6 301.8 Idler

226-4049 Cat Idler 144-6799
Caterpillar 301.5 301.6 301.8 Idler
Buy replacement Caterpillar® 301.5, and 301.6 tension idlers online at Rubbertrax and save time and money. We will ship to your door and save you a trip to the expensive dealership. This 226-4049 idler ships free when you check out online.
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The 144-6799 and 226-4049 are interchangeable part numbers for the 301.5 through the 301.8 Caterpillar® mini excavator series. This idler assembly is fully assembled with the bushing and seals and it arrives ready to install using your existing mounting brackets. The idler ships without the mounting arms in most cases so you just need to push the roll pins out of your existing idler arm brackets and reuse your original mounting brackets for installation. This is the aftermarket tension idler designed for the following Caterpillar® mini excavator models:

  • Caterpillar® 301.5 (Must Verify, High Serials)
  • Caterpillar® 301.6 (Must Verify, High Serials)
  • Caterpillar® 301.6C (Must Verify, High Serials)
  • Caterpillar® 301.8 (Must Verify, High Serials)
  • Caterpillar® 301.8C (Must Verify, High Serials)

This is the larger roller wheel that pushes out as you grease the tensioner to tighten the rubber track.

The idler is installed on the opposite side of the undercarriage from the sprocket.

OEM Part Numbers

  • Caterpillar® Dealer Part Number: 226-4049

Optional Part Availability

This idler is for the higher serial numbers. Please verify specs as the lower serials require part number 144-6799.

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