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Cat 304CCR 305CCR Front Idler 267-4813

267-4813 Cat 304CCR Idler
Cat 304CCR 305CCR Front Idler 267-4813
Buy aftermarket undercarriage parts for your Cat mini excavator online at Rubbertrax and save an expensive trip to the dealership. This tension idler pulley is guaranteed to fit the Cat 304CCR and 305CCR
SKU: 267-4813
Weight: 98 lbs
Make: Cat
Price: $531.00

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267-4813 Tension Idler Assembly

This is the aftermarket front tension idler for the following Cat mini excavator models:

  • Cat 304CCR
  • Cat 305.5ECR
  • Cat 305CCR
  • Cat 305E2CR
  • Cat 305ECR
  • Cat 305DCR
  • Cat 305.5E2CR
  • Cat 305.5DCR

Please verify your exact model prior to ordering. This is the larger roller on the opposite end of the undercarriage from the sprocket which tensions the rubber track.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Cat® Dealer Part Number: 267-4813

Caterpillar 304 CCR Undercarriage