Case CX 36B and Komatsu PC 35MR

Komatsu CX36B Tracks
Case CX 36B and Komatsu PC 35MR
Buy rubber tracks for the Case CX 36B and Komatsu PC35MR online at Rubbertrax. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track ships free when you check out onlne.
SKU: RT100409K
Weight: 340 lbs
Make: Case
Which Rubber Track Size: 300 x 52.5 x 88K
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Price: $1,485.00

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Buy replacement rubber tracks for the Case CX 36B and Komatsu PC35MR online at Rubbertrax. This rubber track is twelve inches (300 mm) wide with eighty-eight forged steel metal embedded links down the center.

There are some known guide type options for the machines below as well as the other Case CX 36 options like the ZTS and MR series. Some of these Case, New Holland and Komatsu models take a specific guiding system and in this case a picture might be worth a thousand words and prevent a lot of headaches. Send in a picture of the tracks on your machine where the rollers roll on the track and we can make sure you get the right guide type the first time.

This track is also guaranteed to fit these other machines

  • Case CX 31B (must verify size)
  • New Holland EH 35.B
  • New Holland E35SR
  • Terex TL 37
  • Kobelco SK 35 SR-3
  • Kobelco SK 35 SR-6E

This is the 88 link option for the Komatsu PC35 MR but there are other options available for the PC 35 as well. Please call if you have any questions. This track comes with a standard warranty against any manufacturer defect. There is also a 82 link option under part number RT100406B so please verify for Case CX 31B models.

We also offer the drive sprocket PX51D01001P1 for the Case CX 36b and New Holland E 35 SR online as well.