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Canycom BFP 603 and DFP 602 Rubber Tracks

Canycom BFP603 Tracks
Canycom BFP 603 and DFP 602 Rubber Tracks
Buy Canycom CC50, 602, and BFP 603 rubber tracks online at Rubbertrax and save time and money with same-day shipping. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track ships for free when you check out online.
Weight: 51 lbs
Which Rubber Track Size: 180 x 60 x 37
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Price: $260.00
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Canycom 180x60x37 Tracks

This is the Canycom CC-450, BFP-603 and BFP-602 replacement aftermarket rubber track. These Canycom rubber tracks are seven inches (180mm) wide with thirty-seven forged steel links down the center of the track. These tracks also fit additional Canycom dumpers, please contact us for more details if you are not able to find your Canycom model listed on the site. These tracks are small enough to ship on FedEx Ground and we can get them shipped the same day you order in most cases. Optional tread patterns may be available, so please let us know if you have a tread pattern preference. Rubbertrax reference: MEPC-0108.

This track is an optional track size for many makes and models if you verify the width of 180mm and the link count is thirty-seven drive links down the center of the track. If that matches your track then this is the track you need for the following machines:

  • Aces HTC500
  • Active PT1460
  • ActivePT1600
  • Canycom BFP602
  • Carrier HP250
  • Carrier HP400
  • Carrier HP500
  • Carrier HP510
  • Carrier HP515
  • Carrier HP516
  • Chikusui BFP602
  • Chikusui CC450
  • Cormidi 6.50RI
  • Cormidi 50