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Bobcat® Solid Mount Bottom Roller T550 T630 T770

7228629 Bobcat Solid Mount Bottom Roller
Bobcat® Solid Mount Bottom Roller T550 T630 T770
Buy replacement aftermarket bottom rollers for your Bobcat® track loaders online at Rubbertrax and save money versus going to the dealer. These rollers fit the Bobcat solid mount system. If you have any questions about which idler fits your Bobcat® just give us a call! You must verify your serial number!!
SKU: 7228629
Weight: 58 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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7228629 Triple Flange Roller Assembly

This is the aftermarket replacement bottom roller for the following Bobcat® compact track loaders that are fitted with the solid mount undercarriage:

  • Bobcat® T550 (Serials AJZV15001 & Above)
  • Bobcat® T590 (A3NR15599 & Above, A3NS12001 & Above, ALJU16825 & Above, B37811104 & Above, B3Z711001 & Above, B3ZA11001 & Above)
  • Bobcat® T595
  • Bobcat® T630 (A7PU15001 - A7PU16099, A7PU16100 & Above, AJDT13001 - AJDT15299, AJDT15300 & Above)
  • Bobcat® T62 (B4SF11001 & Above ) Fits Solid Mount and Torsion Mount T62
  • Bobcat® T64 (B4SD11001 & Above, B4SB11001 & Above, B4CE11001 & Above ) Fits Solid Mount and Torsion Mount T64
  • Bobcat® T66 (B4SB11001 & Above) Fits Solid Mount and Torsion Mount T66
  • Bobcat® T650 (A3P020001 - A3P021199, A3P114001 - A3P115099, ALJG16001 - ALJG22299, B2KZ12001 - B2KZ13299, A3P021200 & Above, A3P115100 & Above, ALJG22300 & Above, B2KZ13300 & Above, B2KZ11001 - B2KZ11999)
  • Bobcat® T740 (Solid only)
  • Bobcat® T750 (AT5T11001 & Above)
  • Bobcat® T76 (B4CE11001 & Above and B4ZZ11001 & Above
  • Bobcat® T770 (A3P816001 - A3P816219, A3P913001 - A3P913124, B3BW12001 - B3BW12569, AT6311001 - AT6314624)

This bottom roller fits the specific serial breaks listed above for solid mount system. Not sure which one you need? Just contact us with your serial number and model and we will track down the correct idler for your machine.

Not sure if you have a solid version? If you have leaf springs, you need the suspension system roller option. The bottom rollers are not interchangeable. Check out our summary for the Bobcat® Suspension System.