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Bobcat 442 Aftermarket Idler 5671663015

Bobcat 442 5671663015
Bobcat 442 Aftermarket Idler 5671663015
Buy aftermarket Bobcat® 442 and Ingersoll Rand ZX75 replacement idlers (without tension spring recoil) online at Rubbertrax and save versus your local dealer. There is a serial number break for this idler so please verify your bolt spacing on the mounting surface prior to ordering.
SKU: 5671663015AM
Weight: 129 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Price: $770.00

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Bobcat® 442 Replacement Parts Online

This is the aftermarket replacement tension idler (without recoil) for the rubber track version of the Bobcat® 442 and Ingersoll Rand ZX75 mini excavator. This idler is a direct factory replacement part and does not require any further assembly for installation.

This is the largest roller at the opposite end of the undercarriage from the drive sprocket. Please see our Bobcat® 442 undercarriage parts for more details on the full undercarriage parts.

This idler has a center to center bolt hole measurement of 7 3/4 inches between the two mounting holes that attach it to the recoil. Please verify this measurement. There are two different sizes produced for different serial number breaks. This idler does NOT fit models that were originally equipped with steel tracks.  We do stock the steel track version of this idler and the bolt holes are 8 1/4 inches apart for the steel track version.

Call if you have any questions and we can walk you through it or answer any questions you may have. See the secondary picture for a diagram of the bolt hole measurement.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 5671663015

Optional Part Availability

You must verify the center to center bolt hole measurement between both arms. There is an alternate part (5671663016) for the steel track equipped models.

Alternate Models

This idler (5671663015) is known to fit:

  • Bobcat® 442
  • Ingersoll Rand ZX 75

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